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When we design a custom Landscape we know that a strong and beautiful Harsdscape is essential to complete a true functional Landscape. We at Majestic Landscaping Co. Inc. use only state approved aggregates, which is the foundation of any design or footing - whether it's a small walkway, or a complete patio and poolscape. Job one is choosing the right product for the job. When it comes to colors we make suggestions, but ultimately that is up to each individual client.

The use of inlays of different colors is becoming increasing popular among homeowners and Commercial clientele. Each project starts with a vision and Professional Consultation, in which we create the dreams on paper. For each client we make accurate measurements and make suggestions that the client may be overlooking. This is a life-long job that will stay with the home for decades to come, so we want to do it once and do it right. We create outdoor living spaces with the clients' objectives in mind. Outdoor living space is so important today to many of our clients. We want to take the home feeling and extend it outside the home, with the features of being right in your own kitchen or back yard retreat. Each job is unique and we strive to custom-build each job different than the one before. We never duplicate or use cookie-cutter mentality when it comes to any hardscape or landscape plan.

We find when we carefully educate our customers about different manufacturers and warranty, that the best way is to have them visit different display centers (including ours at our nursery) and many other displays on the Island. This way they can see each product and touch it for themselves. Although the brochures are beautiful, we make sure every potential client gets to actually feel and touch a job site or see actual display colors, since they aren't exact in most brochures. What we find once we fully give all the options available to our customers, is a customer that understands our commitment to their masonry design and sees the financial and experience standpoints that set our company apart from the competition. We have compiled a few displays and actual jobs in the collage below so anyone visiting our site can get a grasp of the many different projects and features that encompass our unique skills and integrity that we bring to the table when it comes to Hardscape Designs. From Waterfalls & Ponds, to Driveways & Patios - Hardscaping in Landscaping is artistry at work in the landscape that can add lasting value and beauty to any home or office.

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